Would my phone work in Turkey?

Posted on | 08/08/2017 | Ryan Tidd

The short answer is yes. And now for the long answer. When you enter Turkey for the first time, you will receive a text message from the Department of Communications stating that you have 120 days (the length of a standard tourist visa) to register your phone.


Avg. cost of living in Turkey – Nov. 2015 (1usd = 2.86tl)

Posted on | 09/11/2015 | Shan S.Haider

These calculations are based on an average of the whole of Turkey, and may vary depending on location. Results were updated in November 2015.


Climate in Turkey

Posted on | 02/11/2015 | Shan S.Haider

The Marmara, Aegean, and Mediterranean coasts have hot summers and mild winters. The Black Sea Coastal regions have a temperate climate with warm summers, mild winters, and relatively high rainfall.


Turkish Laws

Posted on | 19/10/2015 | Shan S.Haider

The legal system in Turkey has been integrated wholly with that of continental Europe. Elements of the Swiss Civil Code, the German Commercial Code, and the Code of Obligations are apparent


Political parties in Turkey

Posted on | 12/10/2015 | Shan S.Haider

The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as the country’s first president. Throughout the years since, the parliamentary representative democracy of Turkey has developed an order in secular Westernisation based on Atatürk’s


About Turkey

Posted on | 05/10/2015 | Shan S.Haider

Turkey is a country that is rich in both history and culture. As a nation uniquely divided across two continents, its location embodies the exciting and phenomenal merging of Eastern Europe and Western Asia,