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1) Is there a job offer or a contract before we fly to Turkey? When does my contract starts?

Yes, first we’ll send you an offer with few details like salary and start date. Upon acceptance of the job offer, you’ll get a detailed contract.

2) Is the contract signed with Prudential First or the school I would be working for?

In most cases, you’ll sign a contract with the school.

3) What are the penalties for breaking the contract for emergency reasons?

You’ll have to reimburse the school with all costs incurred including working permit/residence permit and health insurance paid for you. Some schools have penalties on breaking the contract.

4) Do we have to pay any fees to Prudential for finding us a job?

No. We are paid by the school.

5) What if I didn’t like the school after arriving in Turkey? Can I change to another school?

You’ll arrive here with a work visa stamped on your passport by a Turkish consulate from your home country. The work visa/ work permit is school specific. It cannot be changed easily.

6) Does your company also provide short term employment contracts? Summer camp jobs?

Yes we do. Please check the services.

7) Is the contract in Turkish or English language?

Most contracts will be bi-lingual, in Turkish and English.

8) Is the salary net or Gross?

All salaries quoted are net to you. School pays the taxes and health insurance cost.

9) What sort of salary range can a teacher expect?

It depends on schools, your credentials and experience. Just to give you an idea, it could range from $1200 to $2000 USD per month.

10) Salaries are paid on daily, weekly or monthly basis? When do I get my salary?

Salaries are paid on monthly basis. Usually schools pay on 10th or 15th of the following month. If you started working on 1 september, you’ll get your salary for September month on 10th or 15th October. You’ll get your salary for October month on 10th or 15th of Novermber.

11) Are salaries paid into an account or given to me cash?

Perhaps first month it would be paid to in cash but once your work permit arrives it will be wired to your bank account.

12) Can we ask schools for advance payment?

No, schools usually do not pay advance payment. You should have enough money to cover your first month or 6 weeks.

13) What are the work visa requirements and procedures?

School will send you a contract to sign and all papers will be sent to Turkish consulate in your country. You’ll be issued a working visa by the consulate. Upon arrival in Turkey you’ll get your work permit card. If you’re hired while you were already I Turkey then you need to have your residence permit first then school will apply for your work permit. Most schools help with residence and work permit procedure and costs involved.

14) Will we get work visa before we enter Turkey or after we enter Turkey?

That depends. In most cases, you’ll enter on a work visa. You can always enter Turkey on tourist visa and it takes 5 minutes to get an online visa at this site https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ Once in the country, schools will file your work permit.

15) Who will provide the work permit?

School will file on your behalf and cover all costs.

16) Do we get our religious holidays?

Yes, most schools respect foreigners religious holidays. You’ll also get Turkish holidays.

17) How many hours a week do we work?

It varies from schools to schools. At the most you’ll teach 30 hours per week and no more. If you agree to teach more hours then schools will pay you overtime. However, most schools require that you’re present on campus from 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday thru Friday.

18) What about curriculum?

School will help you. English department head will assist you.

19) How old are the students?

Kindergarten 5-6 years. Primary 6-10 years, Secondary/Middle school 11-14years, High school 15-18 years. These are just approximate age group.

20) Do we have to work on Saturdays? Or is it Monday to Friday?

You’ll work Monday thru Friday. Some schools have their parents-teachers meeting or specials events on Saturdays, you’ll be required to attend those. They are very rare.

21) How many students in a class room?

18-24 students on average.

22) Who will help me with my teaching schedule?

The department head will assist you.

23) Do I need to do lesson planning or it will be provided by the school?

Some schools provide with all lesson planning and ready quizzes and tests. Sometimes you’ll have to do the lesson planning.

24) Which school will I work for? Will you provide us with details, like school’s website, address and any other related information?

We will provide with you with all the details. We feel that it is a big decision to make before moving to a different country and you should have all the information at your exposure before making that move.

25) Do schools provide us with housing? If not, then what are the costs for housing?

Some schools do provide housing. Some provide some sort of housing compensation and while the others do not.

26) Would you be able to assist us in finding a reasonable stay for a few days before we could find our housing?

Yes, our team would be more than happy to assist and guide you to make the right decision. Please do not sign any rental contracts before arriving here or paying any advance fees to landlords without seeing the apartment in person. Pictures on the net usually looks good.

27) Who will help me with finding apartment? Do most landlords in Turkey speak English?

We can assist you. Most landlords that advertise to foreigners do speak enough English.

28) Do you provide airport pick-up service from the airport?

Yes, we do.

29) Where should we convert our currency?

Airport is expensive, so only convert small amount of cash at the airport. Later you can convert foreign currency at shopping centers or downtown for a better rate.

30) What about health insurance? Does the health insurance start from the day we arrive in Turkey?

You’ll be provided with a health insurance from the school but that will start once your work permit has been issued. It also takes a month or two to get you in the system for health insurance. We have negotiated great bulk rates for health insurance companies.

31) Do schools reimburse airfare?

Only a handful of schools reimburse airfare or provide airfare.

32) Would our phone work in Turkey?

Yes, but only for 60 days then you need to register your phone with authorities. Our team can assist and guide you.

33) How can we get a sim in Turkey?

All you need is a copy of your passport and you’ll be able to purchase a local sim.

34) Is life in Turkey totally different than my home country?

It depends on what you consider different. You’ll have to decide for yourself. Check out these links to get a better idea.

35) Is it difficult to get around the city? Will I be able to manage at groceries stores, barber, getting around the city?

Yes, in major cities people do speak enough English.

36) What are the qualifications needed to secure a native English teaching job in Turkey?

You must have a bachelor’s degree in any field and a teaching certificate.

37) I have a bachelor’s degree in English teaching, do I still require a teaching certificate?

Bachelor’s degree in English teaching, English literature do not require a teaching certificate.

38) Which teaching certificate is acceptable?

TESOL / TEFL / CELTA / DELTA / TRINITY are all acceptable as long as it is a minimum of 120 hours.