Why work with a recruiting agency?

Posted on | 04/07/2017 | Rita Ikinci

So many reasons, So many. And here is a list, because we love lists. 1) Recruiting agencies (RAs) know and have access to all the good schools


Is a college degree a must?

Posted on | 06/06/2017 | Shan S.Haider

For the most part, yes. It all depends on the school. Very, very few schools do not require you to have a Bachelor’s Degree.


A Worldwide Talent Pool

Posted on | 09/05/2017 | Shan S.Haider

In this era of management-speak, buzz words are so common as to become meaningless. Streamlining, economizing, eliminating redundancies, maximizing resources and fostering potential all sound admirable on a CV,


Sell Yourself in One Page

Posted on | 04/04/2017 | Shan S.Haider

Resume writing is a tricky business. On one hand, affording the opportunity to determine precisely the best first impression is invaluable. On the other hand, a single page to make an impression is an anxiety-driven exercise in frustration.


The Value of a Good Interview

Posted on | 08/03/2017 | Shan S.Haider

The interview is the final stage before being hired. Your resume got you in the door (or remotely on camera). You will be judged on your mannerisms, your choice of clothes, your poise, your confidence, your rate of speech, your tone of voice, eye contact, handshake, et cetera. Feel the pressure mount?


Making a Living Teaching In Turkey

Posted on | 06/02/2017 | Shan S.Haider

I read the title also and, yes, I understand your trepidation. Given the current political, social and martial climate of the country, why would a teacher wantonly move to Turkey to teach English? The rest of the world seems very attractive in comparison and safer.


Do You Know Your Foreign Employees?

Posted on | 02/01/2017 | Shan S.Haider

How much confidence do you place in your intuition when selecting a new employee? Are you more thorough when you select a candidate to work with children? Are you comfortable with your hiring process in regards to your own children?