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Teaching Jobs If you’re looking for a teaching position in Turkey, Vietnam, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Japan, Korea that pays from $1200-$6000 per month among other benefits then get in touch with us. We also have admin, principal and other education related positions paying up to $8,000 a month.
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Why work with us?

Teaching overseas is an exciting journey, and an adventure that requires careful consideration and preparation. If you want a smooth transition to life in another country and ensure you find suitable, reputable teaching jobs abroad, you will likely have a lot of questions.

Prudential First’s dedicated team of teacher placement experts works closely with candidates to help them secure a teaching position matched to their qualifications, experience, and interests. We help with placement, getting settled in, and guide teachers throughout the contract year.

A Variety of Teaching Positions

Prudential First offers a wide variety of positions - from ESL teaching jobs that do not require previous teaching experience, to positions that require previous teaching experience and perhaps license or teaching certificates such as Tesol/Tefl/Celta/Delta to more qualified and experienced teaching position for Colleges and Universities. We will work with you to find the position that is the best fit.

Each selected school and partner we work with goes through an in-depth screening process to ensure our teachers will be working in quality institutions. We review and amend their contracts to protect our teachers.

Rest assured, you’ve our support throughout the contract year

Should you choose to work with Prudential First, you will receive friendly and professional ongoing support from the minute you submit your application online. We will walk you through the application process step-by-step, and provide support while you are teaching in Turkey.

We also work closely with public/private schools, colleges, Universities, language schools and known corporations offering exclusive access to a wide variety of teaching jobs. With years of experience recruiting highly qualified teachers for teaching jobs, exclusive partnerships with educational institutions, and a dedication to providing the best teacher placement services, Prudential First can help you start your adventure teaching abroad off on the right foot.

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Our services are totally free to teachers. We are reimbursed by the schools.

Benefits of working with us

Teachers will be entitled to best benefit package offered. The offering varies depending on the school and teacher’s experience and credentials. To give you an idea of the benefits

  1. Health insurance
  2. Work/residence permit
  3. Accommodations (select schools offer either accommodations or compensation)
  4. Airfare reimbursement (select schools)
  5. Summer pay
  6. Our services are totally free to teachers. Our fees are paid by the school.