Native english teacher Recruitment.


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Native English teachers and other academic professionals placement for schools/universities and corporations

Our recruitment and placement service manages your entire hiring process from start to finish. An effective way to hire a variety of quality international staff for your school or education organization

How we’ll support your recruitment

We know how difficult it is to hire foreign teachers. The steps of hiring a foreign teacher could be a long and cumbersome process for most. We’ll develop a placement strategy that fulfils your institution’s requirements and meets your deadlines, no matter how specialized your needs. We'll cover the whole process for you, all the way through to orientating successful candidates to prepare them for your classroom. From the minute we get your placement request our qualified placement team access our database of highly qualified candidates with a range of skills and experience levels and an engaged talent pool of active job seekers, we're able to respond quickly to urgent, last minute hiring requests and source candidates with specialized experience and skills.

We also offer executive level recruitment for campus management roles, curriculum development and education directors.

Our placement service is ideal for:

  • Established schools looking for new ways to attract top educators.
  • Institutions with multiple campuses and complex hiring needs.
  • Recently founded schools looking to mass recruit a variety of roles and grow quickly.
  • Schools in need of urgent multiple and/or specialist hires.
  • Organizations with mass hiring needs.
  • Organizations with multi-regional hiring needs.
  • Schools looking to promote their brand/reputation.
  • Corporations looking for native English teachers to improve their employees English skills.
  • Corporations looking to have a native English teacher with business background to have them present at their offices to assist their employees with emails writing skills, phone communication skills, preparing presentations, helping and correcting business plans, financial plans and other needs.

What does our placement service include?

Personal Account Manager who will manage and support your hiring campaign throughout the recruitment and placement process.
Marketing to key demographics via our extensive social network following and online communities. Our contracts with various employment agencies throughout the native English speaking countries providing us with enthusiastic and eager teachers willing to work in different countries.
Applicant pre-screen interviews to assess suitability
In-person interview sessions (optional)
Pre-departure orientation and support for successful candidates
Visa and legal document processing (optional)
Meet and greet at the airport. Orientation and training about schools, curriculum and local culture. If a teacher is sick or cannot attend schools for a few days then we provide the school with substitute teacher.

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